Boasting is a must in these lands. Power only comes from actually knowing what happened, secrets are frowned upon. There is no such thing as hidden power, only raw visible power. Magic users wield strong magic and use their powers unabashedly.

This land was originally ruled by a just and fair ruler, Altir Dagon; since the beginning of time, some say. Then suddenly, and mysteriously, Dagon simply disappeared. Since the disappearance, there has been no one as powerful as he to ascend to the throne. Leaving a kingdom lacking a ruler also leaves it with no one to say what is right or wrong. Any tiny altercation could end in a bloodbath.

The land of Osabi is vast and largely unexplored. With only two large city states and dozens of small villages and towns. distance between towns can vary greatly, some towns are right on each others borders while others are remote and left entirely to themselves.

The largest city state, near the home of Altir Dagon, Quaiel is a bustling metropolis


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